Faq – About Murray Ride On Mower Won’t Start

Maria asks…

My Murray riding mower won’t start?

I mowed with it 2 weeks ago and it ran fine. I went to mow with it this weekend and it will not start. It will turn over but won’t start up. I have tried to prime it but still nothing. It is an 11 hp briggs and stratton engine. The mower is an late 80′s mower but it is in excellent condition. Help!

Customer Service answers:

Make sure the battery has enough charge to start mower

Ruth asks…

Riding mower won’t start!?

Murray 10hp 30″ mower, about 3 years old. Has been working great! Using it this afternoon and had to shut it off mid-cut to tend to something else – but heard a “thunk” noise as I did. Went to restart moments later and nothing – not even a click when I turn the key. Not out of gas.

Customer Service answers:

I’m not sure about the “thunk” sound but you might check your battery. That’s been my problem when nothing happens. Make sure your mower’s blades are turn off since you stop it at mid-cut. Good luck

Paul asks…

Murray Riding Mower won’t start?

I have a 42″ Murray Riding Mower. When I turn the key, it just gives a single ‘click’ and does not seem to produce enough power/charge to turn over the starter. It sounds like a dead battery. When I jump it from the starter, it does turnover….sometimes. Any idea what the problem is?
Thanks BigFella!! I failed to mention that I did replace the Solenoid. Any other suggestions?

Customer Service answers:

You may have a bad ground or defective cable.
Start at the battery and clean the connections with a wire brush.
Then work your way back to the other ends removing any rust or corrosion.

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