Faq – About Ride On Mower Batteries

David asks…

I need a wiring diagram for starter solenoid on a Murray 11hp 38 in cut riding lawn mower.?

It has the large red cable from the battery that goes on one of the solenoid post, on the other side it has a large red cable, a small red wire, that I am assuming goes on the opposite post going forward to ignition switch. It also has a yellow wire that goes to the seat safety switch. Does this one go to ground? It has a small black wire that has its own clip and it is obvious where it goes. I need to know where the battery cable goes to start and where to go from there. Any help anyone can give is appreciated! Thanks

Customer Service answers:

OK here we go. The only difference from any other car or tractor is the switch under the seat for safety.

There should be a large wire from the battery and this is a switch so the other side is a large wire to the starter.

The 2 smaller wires are for the key..
One is a small one coming from the key this tels the solenoid to close and start the motor.
This wont work unless you are siting in the seat and connecting the other small wire to ground.

James asks…


my riding law mower wont even turn on now and i need to mow my grass the oil is bad and spark plug is new the stater had grass in it but i cleaned all out connected the battery and nothing cleaned connections to everything still nothing and need help how to fix thanks reply asap

O and my break is stuck and wont get out of it only when pushing fast it will please reply with answers asap and if your rightill give you 10 points thanks

Customer Service answers:

Test the battery to make sure it works, drain fuel and replace with fresh, replace bad oil

Sharon asks…

Riding Lawn Mower Solenoid Testing–It Clicks But No Voltage On Starter Side?

My crafstman mower won’t start. All it will do is click. I have a new battery, and the battery terminals are secure/clean.

I used my multimeter to test voltage. When I turn the ignition to start, I get 12 volts on the large solenoid screw that connects to the battery. I also get 12 volts on the (white) wire above this screw. When I try connecting it to the starter side, I get no voltage (even though it clicks).

Does this mean the solenoid is bad, or am I testing it wrong? It is brand new solenoid, only a month old.
Never mind, it was the solenoid. I replaced it and it works. Someone answer and I will give the first one best answer.

Customer Service answers:

Glad you found the problem. You were not testing it wrong. You should expect to get 12 volts on the starter side. The solenoid being an electro magnet moves a plunger up and down and a large copper contact is connected to both sides. The contact gets burned and it fails. Seems to me that they don’t last as long as they used to.

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